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Weddings - Stuart Atherton Celebrant available for Weddings, Funerals, Vow Renewals, Naming Ceremonies




First and foremost, Congratulations!

This is your moment. The joining of your lives, promising to be at one with one another.

The joy of choosing a celebrant wedding is, that together, we can tailor the ceremony to fit you both perfectly.

There is not one way to word, deliver, or perform your ceremony. It is yours and yours alone. I can bring love and compassion or I can bring cheeky wit. Your ceremony is yours, written specifically to you, for you.

As a celebrant, I am also able to hold your celebration anywhere...exciting!

In choosing me to be your celebrant, I will meet with you both to get to know you. This enables me to build a relationship and see the dynamic energy between you. Here, we will begin our journey to shape your ceremony. The joining of your two lives, in front of your chosen loved ones needs to be perfect. Your vows can be whatever you want them to be and delivered in any format. I remain in contact with you throughout the whole planning time and lead up to the ceremony.

I love language and selecting words that sum you both up, individually and as a couple.

As a well known Apache blessing for a newly married couple, from one partner to another, says,

‘there are three lives that stand before us,
your life, my life and our life together.’  

Each of these lives need to be celebrated.


Being married is one reality that I, personally, never take for granted but cherish every day. I hope my love of being married can translate into your precious moment.

You may of course feel you want an intimate ceremony with only your dearest friends or relatives, this is beautiful too. Your wedding is your choice. I am merely the conduit to bring your dream to reality.

During your wedding, as your celebrant, I can tailor the ceremony to include wedding rituals from across the globe, such as Handfasting, Quaich, Sand Blending or Lasso.

These may be pertinent to your culture or way of life, it may be that you have seen it in another ceremony or you may have flicked past one in one of the many wedding magazines. Either way, I will happily discuss these ceremonial rituals with you and find the right one for you, should you wish to include one. Details of example rituals are here. I will be happy to share my experiences with you and find the right one with you.

Celebrating your most perfect ceremony will always be my goal
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